Mama T-Pain, Mama Wayne, Mama Loraine Receiving Humanitarian Award



On Sunday evening, Lil Wayne’e mom – Jacida Carter – T-Pain’s mother – Aliyah Najm – and Ne-Yo’s mom – H. Loraine Smith – will be presented with a humanitarian award in music and television at the “Queens in our Communities” celebration. They will be the first recipients of the award. The ceremony will be held at Atlanta’s Historic Highland Inn & Ballroom. It will include a dinner and entertainment gala that will feature performances from celebrity guests.

All the money generated from “Queens in our Communities” will benefit programs that serve to develop a networking system for female entrepreneurs around the world. Program Director Carla Barnes remarks, quote, “The event is designed to ignite the fire and inspire a whole new generation of empowered women across the country.” Tickets for “Queens in our Communities” range between 20 and 50-dollars and can be purchased at I am so happy to see 3 people who I always see giving back be honored.


  1. Very NIce!!! Glad to see Black Woman that all get along and do positive things! They are an inspiration to the younger ladies, on how to act and mature gracefully! Way To Go

  2. Thatswhatsup! I’m telling you My city is the shit everything goes down here I love Atlanta! Since there’s more black people doing more things down here we all need to come together more! We have the city and don’t even know it!


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