Man Sentenced For Sending Ashanti’s Mom Lewd Texts


The crazed fan responsible for sending the mother of R&B star Ashanti lewd text messages has received his punishment. Devar Hurd was sentenced in a New York courtroom to two years behind bars. Hurd was convicted last December of stalking and aggravated harassment for sending lewd text messages and pictures of male private parts to Tina Douglas. Since his conviction, Hurd has been diagnosed with a delusional disorder. He’s been in jail since his arrest last July, and on Thursday the judge recommended he receive psychiatric care while in prison. Following his conviction, Hurd told the judge, quote, “My intent was not to harm. I always wish the best for [Ashanti].”

A spokeswoman for Tina Douglas says she’s happy to have the ordeal behind her, adding, quote, “we feel justice has been served.”



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