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Mannie Fresh Plays New Beats For Mystikal + Mystikal Freestyles Over One!

After six years in prison on a sexual battery and extortion charge, Mystikal is ready to start recording again. In this footage, Mannie Fresh plays some new beats for the ex con and former rap superstar. All I can say is…dang, this man went to jail at the peak of his career. Good to hear you again Mystikal. He had an original flow no one could imitate, and if you were a Mystikal fan, back when No Limit was the record label to be on, then you will love this video. Mannie Fresh can bring back anybody’s career with his beats.

“I need a bucket when I spit like this…I make Jet Li Flinch when I kick this shit..”

Mystikal (real name: Michael Tyler) was sentenced to six years in prison in January of 2004. He was arrested in July of 2002 along with two of his bodyguards for threatening to turn his former hairstylist in to police for cashing $80,000 worth of unauthorized checks from his bank account. The stylist said that she was forced to have sex with all three men in exchange for their silence. As part of a plea bargain, all three pleaded guilty. Mystikal was released on the original charges in June 2007 and was immediately transferred to the David Wade Correctional Center for a 2006 conviction for failure to file taxes. Under the terms of the original plea agreement, Mystikal has five years of probation upon his release and has to be registered as a sex offender in Louisiana.

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