Mariah Carey’s Baby Shower Gift Brought Her To Tears!


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Last night Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon celebrated their baby shower amongst lots of family and friends. Mariah receieved a plethora of gifts for the anticipated twins, but there was one sentimental gift that stood out from the rest. Mariah received an “Always be my Babies” Lamb Book. Lamb is a terminology she uses when she refers to her loyal fans. The book cover was illustrated with a blue and a pink baby carriage, along with family photos of Carey and her husband. It was created using short letters and poems her fans wrote to the babies. Mariah said this gift to her from her fans was by far her most prized possesion, and she couldn’t wait til the twins were born so she could show them.

Here is a statement release about how she felt about her “LAMBS” gift to her:

“We so had a ‘moment’ in the middle of the shower when they presented the book to me and everyone thought it was the cutest, most thoughtful thing ever!” Carey recalled. “Clearly, only the Lambs would swing something like that home!!! It was the best moment of the night. I can’t wait for the twins to read the messages and feel the love!!! : )”


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