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Married To Medicine Men….Are You Getting High on Your Own Supply to Stay Married? #Bravo

BlowbyBlow-tackyToyaOk I have so many comments on Sunday night’s FIGHT but time and room on this blog will not allow me to address What The Heck Was Wrong With Everything. Let’s get straight to business starting with the fight.  Do You Think #TackyToya was absolutely wrong for approaching Mariah about her Momma (anything) at Mariah’s husband’s birthday party? Yes or No? Having a drink thrown in your face would constitute a purse lashing any day. Right or Wrong?

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You know what? I am not even going to state comments about my personal opinions. Let’s see what the viewers think

tackytoyatweetsWas #TackyToya Trending the other night? Hey, they say if nobody is talking about you that’s bad right?

tacktoy-tweetSeems to be Mariah is getting a BEAT DAT A$$ pass from the fans because of being mad and #TackyToya and her husband for being messy talking about the adoption in the corner alluding to the fact it was a compliment when everyone else @iLuvMariah begs to differ.

taktweet-noRemorse#TackyToya didn’t make the Hitler Comment did she? Well Read for yourself…

My all-time-favorite tweet which will lead to my next post # 4 Reasons #TackyToya Needs A MakeOver





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