Mary J. Blige Rep Denies Singer Punched Husband



Mary J. Blige’s camp continues to deny rumors that the R&B songstress punched her husband during her album release party in New York last week. The singer’s publicist, Kerynne Tencer, says Blige was actually trying to stop an altercation between her husband Martin “Kendu” Isaacs and his brother. The “New York Post” quotes the rep as saying, “People lie and don’t know what they’re talking about.” Several people have come forward claiming to have witnessed the incident. A video of the alleged altercation has also surfaced. Blige’s new album “Stronger With Each Tear” was released last week.


  1. All i can say is wow if it really happen & it wasnt between him & his brother! Lmao. Maybe he deserved it, idk. DOnt condone domestic violence tho, but sometimes ya just gotta let em know.


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