Maxine Waters Insists She Did Not Violate Ethics Rules



Congresswoman Maxine Waters insists she did not violate House ethics rules. The veteran California Democrat is aggressively defending herself against serious ethics charges. Waters is accused of trying to secure federal bailout dollars for a bank that had financial ties with her husband. The bank, OneUnited, eventually received about 12-million dollars in federal aid. Waters said she made many calls on behalf of small and minority banks during the height of the financial crisis in 2008. Waters has been in Congress for 20-years and is a senior member of the House Financial Services Committee.
The 71-year old Waters called on the House ethics panel to schedule a hearing on her case as soon as possible and said delays are unacceptable. Waters is the second top Democrat to face serious ethics charges this year. New York Congressman Charles Rangel faces a variety of charges related to discrepancies over taxes, fundraising and alleged misuse of a rent-controlled apartment. Waters and Rangel are influential members of the Congressional Black Caucus. What do you all think? – Courtney L.


  1. Leave Maxine the fucc alone. She ain’t done half of what those Crakkkas do. Let it go and move forward.

  2. Another plot by the government for making any Black Democrat look foolish and as incredible as possible. So let’s get this straight, more than 20 years in congress and all of a sudden she does something to jeopardize her career. Get the F out of here with that. It’s funny because George Bush started an endless war over in Iraq, which killed thousands of our soldiers and got Obama over his head in all of this Bull Ish and the government is trying to f up Maxine Waters career. Now Obama has to face scrutiny because he’s not doing things fast enough. He’s trying to appeal to both sides and not make any fast movements, but everybody’s bugging the hell out. How can people go with someone like George Bush just because he’s a republican and white even though they know that he truly f’d up our economy and raised hell in the middle east? Ok, my bad sorry about the rant…


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