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Maxwell Cancels Remaining Concerts Because Of Jill Scott And Erykah Badu!!


Today we found out that if you are a Maxwell fan, and didn’t see him this past weekend in Atlanta, you might not get a chance to see him this concert tour. Maxwell has cancelled the rest of his shows because he was not getting along with Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. He apparently was pissed because the ladies consistently go over on their time, each show, when their finish mark is actually 8:30. This limits the time Maxwell can woo the ladies and the amount of panties Maxwell can receive on stage that night.  At the last concert, Maxwell snatched a pair of thongs from the stage, and inhaled deeply. He said, “ladies I want to smell it, I want to smell it…” If he doesn’t have the time to smell his thongs, there will be beef backstage. All of Maxwell’s concerts after the NYC show on June 26th have been postponed or cancelled.

Awhhhh, that sucks. Ladies you won’t get to see him split his pants anymore. I wonder why he won’t  have a solo concert?…

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