Maxwell Cancels Remaining Concerts Because Of Jill Scott And Erykah Badu!!


Today we found out that if you are a Maxwell fan, and didn’t see him this past weekend in Atlanta, you might not get a chance to see him this concert tour. Maxwell has cancelled the rest of his shows because he was not getting along with Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. He apparently was pissed because the ladies consistently go over on their time, each show, when their finish mark is actually 8:30. This limits the time Maxwell can woo the ladies and the amount of panties Maxwell can receive on stage that night.  At the last concert, Maxwell snatched a pair of thongs from the stage, and inhaled deeply. He said, “ladies I want to smell it, I want to smell it…” If he doesn’t have the time to smell his thongs, there will be beef backstage. All of Maxwell’s concerts after the NYC show on June 26th have been postponed or cancelled.

Awhhhh, that sucks. Ladies you won’t get to see him split his pants anymore. I wonder why he won’t  have a solo concert?…

19 responses to “Maxwell Cancels Remaining Concerts Because Of Jill Scott And Erykah Badu!!”

  1. KEITH says:

    not true, this tour had poor ticket sells everywhere but ATL, NEW YORK, L.A.

  2. GETREAL says:

    Keith is on the money. Those 3 markets had sellout shows. Other places had sparse ticket sales where there were huge holes of empty seats on the floor where ticket sales were as high as $210 +. Sorry but we’re talking talking Tina Turner, Rolling Stones, Madonna or Beyonce type performances here where the production budget is huge. They were trying to pocket as much money as possible.

  3. Cohni says:

    Let’s be serious. Maxwell cancelled his tour because Jill Scott and Erykah Badu were the highlight of each show. Not his ass!! They should have been headlining. Maxwell’s LIVE performances have sucked since he came back in the game. If he wanted to do a show were he wouldn’t be upstaged, he should’ve featured Keisha Cole. They both would’ve been equally a HOT ASS MESS together!!! #imjustsayin

  4. Lady A says:

    The show did good here in Kansas City, MO they came on the sunday before memorial day. It was packed too. It was a great concert I had a great time. His voice might be giving out. He was a little horse when he came here but he still did great. Jill was also off the chain. I went to see her but became a Maxwell fan by the time I left. He was still on stage at 11pm that night and he took the stage around 9:30. Jill was on from 7:30 to 8:30. It was an hour intermission. I didn’t understand that. But everyone went and got drinks and snacks and by the time we made it through the lines they were back on stage. VERY SEXY concert.

  5. Meka says:

    Please, I’m sure poor ticket sales was not the reason for him canceling. I went to his concert in New Orleans last year and it was amazing, that was the best concert, I’ve been to in awhile. I’ve seen really good artists in concert and no one gave me the experience he did. As for the price they were asking is not bad, considering you’ll getting three amazing artist that look what they do. P.S. I’m sorry but BEYONCE IS NOT WORTH A $100 FOR ME TO GO AND SEE. SHE’S SO OVERRATED!!!!!!!!

  6. curiousone says:

    Erykah and Jill are the ultimate performers on stage and give you your money’s worth, Maxwell got sour cause these two classy performers outshined him with pure talent, Maxwell has lost that quality he had before his exile 8 years ago and has become an impatient,ungrateful bytch and better hope folks buy his next 2 cds

  7. Cold says:

    Badu is losing it. I just saw her perform in DC and it was terrible, it sounded like she hired a band off the street that didnt know her music. She did 3 new songs off her album and everything else was 14 years old. PLEASE! Jill is on point each and every time, she is a true professional. Her muscians come correct each and everytime.

  8. bmorejunky says:

    The poor ticket sales story is just that a story!… I just came from the show at the Verizon Center in DC and the show was sold out! Both he and Jill Scott gave amazing performances so now I am going to see if I can score some tickets for Philly or NY. Wish me luck!

  9. Marc from Philly says:

    The Philly shows been sold out for a month. If you wanna see Jill. Go to the Essence Music Fest.

  10. HotChocolate206 says:

    So true about the poor ticket sales…they opened up here in Seattle before they went to oakland and los angeles. I’m not really a Jill Scott fan, but she was theeeeee booooommmmmbbbb live and maxwell was too…so sorry things ain’t work out for them.

  11. HotChocolate206 says:

    BTW Jill started her show at 7 finished at 9; they said the show started at 8 so we missed like an hour. they maxwell’s didn’t come on til 10; apologized for being late; said we was gone party all night and 2 songs later he was done, lol. I think he was loaded or something cause his ass should have come right back on stage at 9:15…people was leaving because “they had to go to work in the morning”, LOL

  12. Sunnysandra says:

    I went to the philly show this past Sat night (6/19). The Wachovia Complex was packed. Only open seats were a few nose bleed seats. The show was awesome. Jill Scott came out at 7:30 and performed until about 9. This is the first time I heard her in concert and she was fabulous. Maxwell came on at 9:35 and perfomed until 11. He was sexy and smooth as ever. It didn’t appear as though they didn’t get along. He gave Jill mad props and while he was singing she was in the audiance enjoying his sensual charm. I don’t believe the rumors that they don’t get along. Love them both.

  13. Kim says:

    Some of your comments are so off. Maxwell can out perform Jill and Erykah on his bad day.

    I went to see him last year at Madison Square Garden with Common and Chrissette Michele and the show was off the chain. Maxwell was more than terrific. I left that concert a fan of Commons. I spent $180+ to see this show.

    I went to Mohegan Sun 6/21/10 to see Maxwell w/Jill Scott. I was very disappointed in Jill’s performance and I was not the only one. She is no where near as polished a performer as Maxwell. Her voice was fine, but her stage presence needs some work. Maxwell’s voice was great and his presence is over the top.

  14. Headliner says:

    Maxwell was Awesome in Atlanta!!!! If he is worried about the time he needs to have his set up crew move it. They took damn near an hr. just to set up his band.
    Fire them. Jill was good too, but Maxwell is definite the Headliner!

  15. Debbie J says:

    I saw Maxwell in the ATL I thought he was awesome. His special effects was worth the wait. He was the best concert in seen in a while. Jill was good too, it was a sellout!! Still a fan!! Hate he didn’t get my thong!!

  16. Muztangsax says:

    I was at the concert in Atlanta and I must say that Jill Scott outshined Maxwell completely. She had the audience engage the entire freaking time! Whereas with Maxwell, there seem to be some dry spots, up until people started throwing their draws on stage. I can’t believe they cancelled the show because they didn’t get along. But I did hear on the radio that Maxwell’s PR people are extremely rude and call themselves speaking for Maxwell when they really weren’t. Anyway, I want Jill and Erykah to come back like the Sweetwater Festival!!!

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