Kasim Reed Atlanta Mayor Inaugural Photo’s Sworn in for 2nd Term : Monica SIngs



The city of Atlanta is ready to go back to work after re-electing my friend and homie.  Kasim Reed the 14th mayor after he was sworn in for his second term along side members of Atlanta’s City Council.


One of Reed’s top priority during his second term is taking on the city’ nearly $1 billion backlog of road projects, pothole repairs and other infrastructure needs. Mayor Reed plans to seek a bond referendum worth up to $250 million, which voters would have to approve in order to fund the project.


My girl R&B singer/Monica Brown was in the building to sing God bless America. Monica is such a sweetheart, and brought Deb Antney (Waka Flocka’s mom) there to put her in a different mindset, from all her funeral sadness and because Deb Antney still wanted to support her great city and Mayor Reed.


The two along side her Aunt and manager Melinda had a ladies day out … Mo always tells me “its so important women support  each other” ..



Howard University, Choir sang also and are photoed above …  Check out Monica sing butt off… At Kasim’s Inauguration

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