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Meagan Good Celebrates Her 30th Birthday With Lala and Terrence J

Beautiful actress Meagan Good celebrated her 30th Birthday as cat. To celebrate her birthday, which is actually tomorrow, she had a costume party where she dressed up as a sexy cat. A lot of her close friends were there to help her celebrate including Lala (who dressed as a cat too) and 106 & Park’s Terrence J. Her party seemed to be really fun. I like the fact that she stepped out of the norm and showed us that even though she’s turning 30, she’s still a kid at heart.

Meagan shows us just how much she loved the cat theme with this fierce pose above. In addition to the sexy outfit, she even had a cat on her birthday cake.

Look at Lala with her furry cat ears hair piece. Now the real question is, what is Terrence J doing? I guess this dread head hair piece was his costume. Do you think he was just taking the cheap route out?

Thank goodness he took the dread head hair piece out at some point during the party. Meagan Good looks awesome at 30 if you ask me. Do you like Meagan’s idea to have a costume party for her 30th Birthday?

Spotted @HipHopDetroit

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