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Meet BIG H-RYDA & His Trendy Hair Style


I have to give it to this man he’s got guts. Anyone that can walk out the house and hold their head up with it looking a hot summer you know you wrong for this hair do mess, got my vote any day of the week. BIG H-RYDA just put out his new CD called Half Dead, Half Alive and I have to give it to him, the CD is actually pretty good. The only issue is what made him do that to his head? Maybe yall can tell me?

He was recently at the Tupac Shakur Foundation  second annual benefit concert and almost got into a fight with Mike Epps because Epps thought he wasn’t not right in the head, and kept looking at him and asking him questions. Hummmm? Or at least thats what Epps said….

I think they just hating in the words of my homies over at yall please just let BIG H-RYDA be great. Click here to see all the pic’s..


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