Mel B Unveils New Hairstyle Leaves Leona Lewis Asking Why You Do That To Yo Head?



There’s really no explanation for this hairstyle unless Mel B was honoring the three-year anniversary since Britney Spears went completely bonkers and shaved her head in front of paparazzi. As they walk hand-in-hand, it’s clear that living as ex-pats in Los Angeles has helped Leona Lewis and Mel B forge a close friendship.
But while the British pair have their music careers and fame in common, their approach to style is very different.
While X Factor winner Leona wore her hair flowing and loose, Spice Girl Mel once again unveiled an unusual cut this time completely shaving the side of her head, leaving her friend looking rather stunned and Asking Why She do that to her head?

Shot out to Dlisted for the pic’s. Here’s Mel B Leona Lewis, Matt Goss, Natasha Bedingfield at an event at Cesar’s Palace in Las Vegas last night.


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