New Reality Show “Mistresses of Atlanta”


The trailer for the “When Keeping it Real Might Go Wrong” controversial new series “The Real Mistresses of Atlanta” was just leaked. Is this a case of Keeping it Real Going Wrong or Keeping it 100. Hey we are all adults right? It was falsely reported that his wife Toya Wright worked with the show! I say this is definitely GOOD TV!

The series, created by MeMpHiTz Wright, features Maliah, Rosee, Mary Jane, Sarah and Branden (whom all are pictured on the cover of the trailer) . No, Branden isn’t technically a mistress, but he apparently has few ?? about playing the role. What do you think of this trailer? Should this just be a night time Knotts Landing or What?



  1. Wait, What did the white women in the beginning say about black women vagina ???? and a black women actually produced this show and paying her to talk about black women like this ???

  2. after just watching 5 minutes these women are not MISTRESSES they are JUMPOFFS. and really im giving them a compliment they are really the married’s man HO HO HO..i know some real mistresses who dressed classy carried themselves in classy ways.. business owners.. professionals.. etc. make their own money they are NOT strippers they don’t fight in the public with other women..they don’t act hood.. they can talk articulate with out talking hood. and they NEVER EVER EVER EVER( IN MY SMOKEY VOICE MOVIE FRIDAY) TELL THEIR BUSINESS. they know how to shut the f**k up they don’t brag about what the man does for them to everybody…that’s why the men pick them as mistresses.. as much as i like reality shows this is one i won’t even set through this 9minute trailer above.. i will not be watching

  3. whores on tv smh the only fuckery ratchet show ill watch is bad girls club but this is where i draw the line. Also I already went in on sarah on twitter how is she talkin about a black woman’s vagina when all the men she screws are married to black woman and came from one?? she wants to be black getting ass shots to have a black woman’s curves she’s stupid

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