MENTALLY ILL Woman Killed in DC!



Miriam Carey of DC goes berserk after the government shut down.

Check out the details below.

Miriam Carey of Washington DC, allegedly attempted to drive her black Infiniti through a White House barricade Thursday October 3, 2013. In doing so, this led the police on an immediate chase after the 34 year old woman with her 2 year old infant in tow. Unfortunately, the chase ended fatally in front of the U.S. Capitol where authorities once again, felt the need to shoot to death. Sources say the once dental hygienist who suffered a fall causing severe head injury, left her to be terminated from her job. Per family members, such an event transitioned into postpartum depression with psychosis. Suffering with such a diagnosis, caused Carey to believe POTUS was communicating with her directly. Of course, this conversation was all in her head.



Sadly, upon her arrival and using her vehicle (she was unarmed) she began ramming the barricades which began the chase down Constitution Ave. There she was shot to death while her daughter sustained any injuries. Nevertheless, everyone’s voicing their opinions and the majority feels there should of been other options besides death. These cases are becoming repetitious in the world today where citizens are second guessing  authorities training. With ‘justifiable’ being the common denominator.

I mean, we knew the government was on a SHUT DOWN, they forgot to CC us in on the SHOOT DOWN. Investigation is now in progress.


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