Michael Jackson “Thriller” To Become A Musical To Hit Broadway



A musical for Michael Jackson hit single “Thriller” still has a chance to make it to Broadway.  Nederlander Presentations has filed a creditor’s claim against Jackson’s estate. But this claim isn’t asking for money. Instead, the folks at Nederlander want the probate judge to force executors to honor a contract the King of Pop signed in 2008. The contract states that the musical would feature Jackson’s music. However, Jackson estate lawyer Howard Weitzman says, quote, “I’ve seen their creditor’s claim. I don’t agree with their request.”.

The news that Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” would become a Broadway musical was announced in prior to the singer’s death last June. At the time, he was expected to oversee the production of the show and share songs from his “Thriller” and “Off The Wall” albums. At the same time, “Thriller” video director John Landis sued Jackson for royalties from the video, claiming the singer couldn’t make any deals for the musical without his permission. That lawsuit is still pending.



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