Micheal B Jordan Talks Life Post “FruitVille..” + Promises Nude/Selfie?



The new Hollywood “It” boy just made things interesting with this years MTV Movie Awards. Checkout the deets below.

Micheal B. Jordan is not only generating buzz by being the first African-American to break Marvel’s traditional casting. But he’s also just made an unusual promise that’s almost sure to garner himself a victory.

Here’s what he posted on his I.G. account:


Who knows what’ll happen. But its a great way to have the fans chomping at the bit to find out the result.

Do you think he’s gonna do well as the new torch? I tell you one thing he’d better start hitting the gym because so far he’s looking more like the rubbery man (pardon my marvel ignorance), than the massive Torch.

Jordan is also lending his name to Sprite. The “Fruitville Station”  talks to BET.com about his new position as the 2014 Sprite Films student filmmaker mentor and program ambassador. It’s an interesting read.

Talk about how your life changed after Fruitvale Station:

It’s like night and day. I remember going to Sundance with my manager, and the day before we were walking up the street and maybe one or two people stopped me, asked me for a picture or whatever, and the premiere was that night. The next day I couldn’t get two feet without [people stopping me]. It was my first time ever dealing with paparazzi and it was just insane. The film has been huge for me professionally, and even just being respected by my peers and my people within the film community. People from all walks of life have really been affected by this project and it means the world to me.

In addition to acting, you’re also taking on the role of mentor for Sprite Films.How has that been, and what kinds of advice do you give to aspiring young filmmakers?

First of all, I think the Sprite filmmakers program is amazing. I’m really digging the next generation, and for me, personally, I feel like my film career has been made off of first-time film directors. To be able to give back and offer some insight, or help them avoid an obstacle or two that they may have run into, or make their vision a little more clear and see it all the way through, I’m all for that. I come from on-the-job experience and I feel like the best thing these filmmakers can do is continue to work. [Read More Here]


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