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Migos Get Into Altercation At DC Nightclub With Chief Keef’s GBE


So yesterday morning the Twitterverse exploded with hews of an altercation involving the Migos and what seems to be a member of the Chief Keef affiliated GBE gang which resulted in the lost of one of the Migos Quality Control label chains.

News hit early Friday morning with DC natives making claims that there was an altercation involving the Migos at a popular DC night club (Stadium). The stories have ranged from a one man attack to a 40 person beat down involving employees and strippers.

One thing is for sure Chief Keef posted this image this morning but quickly removed it. Ya know, cause the feds watching.

Keef QC Chain

Also the GBE affiliate and DC native Fat Trel who many have claimed to be a primary in the incident (but with no evidence) had this to say on the matter.

Fat Trel Migos 2

All we know is this could get really ugly really fast. Hopefully cooler heads prevail but sadly we know how these things usually play out.

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