Miguel Not Warned About Stage Jump


Miguel-onstageThe saga continues for Miguel and his now ill-fated Billboard Music Awards performance. While the victim Khyati Shah and her lawyers contemplate legal action, it looks like Miguel and the BMAs are both trying to come out clean in this whole situation.

Earlier reports this week said that Miguel DID NOT have clearance to jump over the stage during his set. But Miguel’s reps say he did, and not only that, he practiced the jump. Twice.


According to TMZ, Miguel’s rep says that “the reports claiming that Miguel was warned by producers not to jump are completely false.” Not only that, but BMA producers asked Miguel about the jump so that they could position cameras near the stage to capture the leap.

It looks like a game of “he said, she said,” and neither Miguel or the BMAs want to be labeled the bad guy. Meanwhile Khyati Shah has been suffering “difficulties” that suggest “a neurological head injury” and if test results show that Shah does have some type of injury, they are going to move forward with legal action.


We hope Miguel can settle this sooner than later….with both feet planted firmly on the floor!

Read the entire TMZ story here.

Check out this clip of Miguel and Khyati Shah backstage at the Billboard Music Awards:


Who should be responsible for the victim’s injuries? Miguel or Billboard? Let us know! 


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