Mike Epps And Kevin Hart Beef On Twitter



Comedians Mike Epps and Kevin Hart got into a  Twitter war today. The two got into a twitter rant earlier last year and here they are back at it again. Details inside.

I guess Mike Epps was having a moment today and said a few words to remember Katt Williams. We’ve gotta admit these last few years Katt’s career just hasn’t been the same.

twitterThings got interesting after that tweet though. He just started going in on Kevin Hart for no reason.

twittwit2twit3Oh the drama! It’s always something! Kevin was quiet for most of it but then suddenly he came back and when he did…

kevIt was on from here.


Wow! This got pretty intense. Kevin attacked all of Mike’s main movies. Was this a low blow? Crazy to think this is all just out of the blue. He finally stopped clowning on Mike saying:

kev4Interestingly, Mike came back and said this:


I’d like to think this was all in good fun. I’m not sure though. We’re going to have to keep watching to see if anybody takes another jab at the other.



  1. I hope it was in good lol fun! and not Kevin H. feelin his lil pee pee lmbo! Oh and I luv his exwife and mother of his 2 beautiful chocolate children (they should do commericals) any who they are so cute!

  2. Kevin hart is a sale out like really… you live your brown skin wife to go chase after these white devils that is what money do to you really… you negros got the game so mess up and need a reality check….. but I have to admit kevin hart won that checking battle… to be truthful kevin hart is on top of his game when it come down to being the number 1 comedian….

  3. Wow why is it always about color with people who supposedly are not color blind or racist?! At the end of the day Kevin Hart and Mike Epps are doing what they love…. Comedy and i’m sure they are not worried about who’s not feeln them. Life is to short to be that concerned about what other people are doing. It a social media network for entertainment dont take it so serious #Live Your Own Life

  4. #TheRBee says…this is the Americans and the world we live in, nothing you can do about it! It will always be about color first especially in this racist country of America (stolen by white Ppl)! Sorry but true

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