Mike Epps Says ‘Last Friday’ Movie Rumors Are Fake, ‘We not doing sh*t!’


Last weekend, a new poster hit the net which had everyone all excited about a possible “Last Friday” movie in the works.

Although the Fake poster looked real, we told that you that it was indeed fake. Mike Epps also took to twitter to confirm the poster was fake but not only that mike claims anything dealing with him and the movie was a lie…


Ice Cube has been doing a lot of different interviews telling the public that he would be putting his 1995 “Friday” movie series to rest with a final film.


Rumors first started after TMZ  did a interview with Debo, who said  the entire cast would be back, including past cast members.


Cube also quickly confirmed reports in an interview with MTV that the final movie, “Last Friday”, was a go, we’ve received conflicting reports.  According to Epps, reports about ‘Last Friday’ are false. Epps writing on twitter:

THAT last friday sh*t THEY PUT up IS fake WE not doin sh*t until New Line SAY SO! THAT last friday TWITTER account IS fake WE dont Know HIS *SS unfollow HIS *SS!! GROUPIE …

Source TheJasmineBrand.

The Breakfast Club also did a interview with Epps were he talked about the movie also. saying:

 “I’ve been talking to Ice Cube, they’re trying to get the script together and I’m trying to make sure I get paid right on this movie or there is going to be another Friday without me in it either.” He adds, “I told Ice Cube, you can’t pay me in T-shirts and CD’s on this movie.”

The Friday  star reportedly nudged at the possibility of getting Katt Williams on the cast. Mike and Kat don’t get along at all…

Just so yall know MIke has been working hard to keep them checks coming he recently launched a new T-shirt line  called Eppsie and hits the streets with Scruncho & Gary “G Thang” Johnson to see what people really think about the Metta World Peace  Ron Artest elbow incident. Check out all the game footage.


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