Miley Cyrus’s Favorite Rappers Are Gucci Mane And Oj Da Juiceman?



Now this came as kind of a surprise to me. In an interview with Sway, Miley Cyrus admits she raps a little on her last album, and apparently her favorite rappers are Gucci and Oj. Maybe this will give the two rappers the crossover appeal they need to hit it big. But…she didn’t even know their names. Is that a good look or a bad look? Check out the video and let us at Freddyo know!

By: Xavier B.


  1. lol miley girl…..she said one time in an interview she didn’t even listen to rap…which is hard to believe because its everywhere, and she is a music artist that attends awards shows which some mainstream rappers perform…..i don’t think she’s that clueless as too who some rappers are or a stranger to their music….but whatever! Keep doing you Miley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Over this little girl….she will say anything to get media exposure and cross over appeal. After that upshot photo and Perez….I don’t put anything pass those two mediawhores.

  3. Gucci Mane & Oj Da Juiceman, are not Miley Viruse’s favorite rappers. She had to ask the lady who their names were. How ignorant is that. She’s cool, but she betta stick to country, or Disney.


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