Mindless Behavior and OMG Girlz Take Over ‘For Sisters Only’


Mindless Behavior & OMG Girlz shut down the city of Atlanta, attracting more than 5,000 screaming girls to their autograph session. Mindless Behavior is killing the game, I’ve never seen girls go crazy like they are over these dudes. They remind me a lot of B2K. Parents if you don’t know who these kids are you better get on your game. Kids, if you don’t know who these guys are, you better step up your game. And haters, don’t hate on them, just respect their hustle. Things got so crazy, that girls bum-rushed the autograph area and OMG Girlz and Mindless Behavior had to make a run for it!

OMG Girlz and Mindless Behavior are about to go on the Scream tour with Diggy Simmons, The New Boyz, Jacob Latimore and Hamilton Park. The girls are going  to release their new album soon as well. My girl Tiny told me the music is incredible and she also told me to thank everybody for the love and support that everybody has been giving her and TIP.

Mindless Behavior’s debut album, #1 Girl will hit stores on Tuesday.


  1. Don’t really listen to they’re music, but i’m familiar with who they are, and I hear that they shut every place down that they perform. That’s definitely something special. So giving credit where credit is due…. Hats off to you, Mindless Behavior.

  2. I recognise the girl on the left in the OMG girlz pics with their moms, Regin, she used to work with me as a stripper in the A!

  3. could yall get me a date with mindless behavior well not all jus prodigy anyway i hope the omg girlz aint tryna get dates with them cuz well idk

  4. Mindless Behavior, a dynamic group discovered by musical producer Walter Milsap who has a great eye for talent, is one of the greatest tween throb groups since the Jackson 5. Prodigy, the groups main singer, Ray Ray, Roc Royal and Princeton are the groups back up vocalist, each offering their own unique talent. These emerging young artists boast a suave, sleek fashion style with epic swag dance moves and universal ready pop songs. This quartet is destined for greatness. The group was recently traveling within the U.S. Scream Tour debut along with other up and coming new talented artists like Diggy Simmons, Jacob Latimore and New Boyz. Mindless Behavior is rapidly gaining popularity, this popular boy quartet appears destined to rise to the top of the charts with millions of screaming fans all over the globe!

  5. omg i love prodigy because he is loving and i love him because he love to have fun and i love him for that and thank you guys for that comment on my best friend cell she told me what you seed and i loved it so thank you and i love you and i look up to you πŸ™‚

  6. UGHHHH MINDLESS BEHAVIOR IS AMAZINGGGGG THEIR SO HOT & funny I never met them yet but if anyone can hook me up I would be zoo happy 1-4-3 MB ive been supporting you the whole way from 2008

  7. I really like mindless behavior and I have met them before and they cute and got swag when you see them face to face.

  8. Im not trying to be funny. Nor am I gay but the OMG Girlz music is beyond fire!!! They bring something new and fresh to the music industry and that’s what people are looking for. I’m in serious LOVE with Zonnique as well, she is beautiful!

  9. Roc royal wiffey u not the only 1i Wat to met them to but I never did . .and I dont knw which. 1s is the OMG girls it seem. Like they. Keep changing girls

  10. princeton is so cute and i love him so much. prodigy is so sexy and cute and i love all of them ,but i love princeton&prodigy more

  11. Kinda like mindless behavor but l love dobble R, ROCK rolel and Princeton <3 <3 <3 <3
    but I love ALL of OMG GIRLZ SONGS.LOL XOXO OMG . ps my fave girl in omg girlz is ,"Lolo

  12. hey out here is a mad world because wwe are in danger anyway i love prodigy he got that six pack this is selena gomez i had to use the fack name cuz they would txt me this is mcuz stuff i asked her love u mindless

  13. hey out here is a mad world because wwe are in danger anyway i love prodigy he got that six pack this is selena gomez i had to use the fack name cuz they would txt me this is mcuz stuff i asked her love u mindless

  14. They use 2gether thatz y they are just like sisters now but im still a big fan of them……. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ :-*

  15. Truee they use go 2getha now wassup wit it bt i love mindless behavior nd just a big fan of omg girlz

  16. Hey this is Tameka tiny cottle Harris and I just want to tell y’all please keep your negative comments to your self and if you think the omg girls are lame then don’t listen to their music And don’t watch their ustreams and please don’t go to their concerts either because y’all just rude if they know who I’m talking about because they make money morn than y’all so please stop with those bad comments.please tune in to watch ti and tiny:the family hustle the last episode .thank you follow my twitter @tinymajormom and my IG: @majorgirl follow my babies twitter and igs:@ star_omg @beauty_omg @babydoll_omg_ @ starquality @imightbee @my _ dollhouse follow the. Family igs my hubby: troubleman31 my stepdaughter: princess_ the_south_ my son:king_ boss_ stepsons: @iamdommani I don’t know Messiah IG but I will try to get if you want to follow them.

  17. Oh yeah if u think I’m fake then don’t talk to my family or my my babies either I don’t need to prove y’all I’m the real Tameka tiny harris just because I don’t have a price does not mean I’m a fake thank you and I just kinda new looking at this niq niq showed me this so please don’t call me fake thank you

  18. Hi you guys and ladies this is star from the omg girls yes if you thank were LA e then go read what my mom wrote because we don’t have time to be getting picked at.and yes if u think I’m fake then go read what my mom just post on their read both of them I don’t need a pic to prove I’m real just like I said and my mom .I love u fans so much thank you and sop the drama and hatenss.byee got to go with my mom and deyjah to the store sorry I wish I could write more goodbye πŸ™‚


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