Missy Elliot, Rickey Smiley, & Others Come Out For Monica’s “Still Standing” Album Release Party



Monica’s “Still Standing “ album release party went down last night at Opera Night Club in Atlanta.  Over 3,000 loving fans came out to support Mon.  The club was over packed from wall to wall and the line was crazy as it wrapped around the building.


The homie Rickey Smiley of Hot 107.9, hosted the party. Monica even drew Missy Elliot, an ATLien out of her palatial home.  We all know that  Missy does not leave her crib for just anyone!  Toya, R&B singer Jarvis,Derek Blanks, and Ms. Frankie were there to help Mo celebrate.  Frankie, who was glowing with tears, was just so proud of Monica. Frankie announced and declared that it was “Man down occasion and everyone better go and buy Mo’s album.” Mo is beating the odds and proving the haters wrong by selling more albums and leaving the store shelves empty. Go Monica and make sure you all go and pick up “Still Standing” her new album!-

Courtney L.


  1. that is so sad that you are having ppl buy her album and it sucks….PPL wok hard for there money …maybe instead of kissing any and everybody who comes out of atlanta ass and just give it to us raw. damn. her cd is ass cheeks.

  2. freddy you need to get mandra she stealing your pics, i know i steal them too but i wont do you dirty and cut off the shit like she does. thats a bitch move and if i was you i would lay hands on her ass and sue her crusty asss. sandra is timid the easiest way to take her downe is to spook her and post her info. her address, phone numbers whatever if you hit home with her she wont do noithing. she got out of pocket with me and i had to let her know the deal and she aint tried me since. though i will admit she did throw shade but shes too spooked to say ma name

  3. monica’s new CD IS FIYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT”S WORTH EVERY DIME!!!pENNY,nICKEL AND dOLLAR!!!

  4. I brought the EP and really did not like it. Notwithstanding, I do like the Still Standing song and the Missy Elliot song. All the other songs sound alike and most of them were not big enough to handle or showcase her vocal skills.


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