Mo’Nique Is Pissed With Oprah & The Show

Monique-Oprah-300 is reporting that Mo’Nique is less than happy with how Oprah’s interview turned out and her relationship with both her brother and her parents, who also appeared on the episode, is now worse than ever.

The source added:

“Oprah and Mo’Nique were never the best of friends… Mo’Nique was less than impressed with how the interview played out as she felt that her brother lied and that it was not sympathetic enough towards her.”

“She was particularly upset that Gerald lied to Oprah that he molested her while she was sleeping because she was wide awake and scared of him.

“Also, she is angry that he did not get any help or enter a rehab and she does not trust him around children.

“Oprah asked her to appear on her show again for another interview but at this point she has declined the invitation.

“If anything it has made the situation worse between Mo’Nique and her family and she doesn’t know if she will ever speak to them again now.”

If I had to could put my 2cent in I would tell Mo stop doing things with people you reportedly don’t like… You are your own star now…

16 responses to “Mo’Nique Is Pissed With Oprah & The Show”

  1. vision says:

    Monique opened that can of worms when she opened her big phat mouth on barbra walters. He admitted he did it. Did you really want him to go into every detail? She needs to think before she speak!!!!

  2. I dont get it says:

    he was a child, a dumb child at that he obviously apologized tons of times and isnt it better to forgive. I know it may be difficult for her but its easier to let go and forgive then to hold that grudge for a dumb child.

  3. Helen Brown says:

    I seen the show and when moniques brother molested her that’s sick.but if monique did wanted the whold world to know she should’nt side shit keep her trap closed she the one told barbra walters everybody knows she got a big mouth and plus me I don’t like the bitch I heard she talks about big people Im going to fine out that hoe sucks.

  4. jojo says:

    I am mad at Oprah too, she let the brother seem like the hero. He used Oprah , she should have known better, but she was to interested in knowing the details. Do Oprah hate Monique that bad? Do Oprah was her abuser coming on her show acting like the hero because they want to say sorry. It is not the simple Oprah, you should know that.

  5. vision says:

    Those that watched Oprah, did so because they were interested as wel!!!!!. If you don’t like what the show is about you have every right to change the channel. Peace and blessings

  6. larrissa says:


  7. ITS ME says:

    Ok for those of yousaying he was just a kid. What was his excuse in his adult life?

    Monique shouldn’t be pissed at anyone but herself. If you watched the beginning of the interview you would have seen that Oprah claimed she asked Monique could she do the interview, and monique agreed. Now all of a sudden the interview didn’t go the way she wanted it to go she’ Pissed.

    Mo needs to sit her ass down. She should not have allowed the interview to take place.

  8. ABCDEFG says:

    There’s nothing wrong with monique declining the interview and even if oprah reached out there if she said hell im not doing it do speak to whom you want ……there’s nothing wrong with that

    most rape victims cant face their molesters in court, hell some even see them in the street and speak due to fear..that doesnt change what happened to you or any ill feelings…( sidebar-no matter how old you are after 5 you know wrong from right and he was above that age)

    He should have been provide monique with a more sincere apology….he should have been acknowledged what he did…
    Admit it thie man isnt sincere
    had monique not won that award you think he would be on oprah talking about it
    she’s been mentioning what he has done to her for years
    and he even cosigned the half a** apology he gave her years ago…What changed now…

    He didnt even have crocodile tears in his eyes

    Mo keep doing you and keep your head up

    Most people speak on things they havent been through and others assume all people handle things the same way

    Mo maybe loud and big and have diaherra of the mouth …but at least she speaks on things that hurts her, loves her …good bad or indifferent

  9. Greensboro says:

    Some of you are really talking real reckless. If you were abused would you just forgive like that. That is something you have to work on and continue to work on. Just as if you were a alcoholic or a crack addict, it is a everyday process. You people don’t realized that things that are done when we are children, we carry into our adult lives. As a person that was molested by a family member I understand totally where Mo’ is coming from. I have talked to certain people about my situation but just because I talked about it don’t give the molester the right to talk about like they are the damn HERO. All of you that feel she needs to shut her mouth I pray that this never happen to any one you love or YOUR children. And if it does lets see how you feel then.

  10. ginobli says:

    i dont condone what he did at all but she did open her mouth about it and yeah it can divide a family up like her mother said what could i do both were her kids back then it wasnt no help for kids like it is today especially if your black and broke

  11. 2 b Honest says:


    Monique that saying she was molested with get her attention like Oprah. She got what she wanted. It’s sad she exploited the tragedy. It’s ironic her husband looks like her brother. FYI Oprah was not molested, per people I spoke to. I heard she was just fast. Having a child at 14. I’m not judging her, just stating the fact. I wish both well in their lives.

    God Bless

  12. Isaac says:

    @fredyo Monique is the one who started this she went on and told b walters the brothers decided to respond thru oprah no big deal is she had not opened this to babra noone knew what happened but it was a cry of help maybe to 4give her brother who know and it didnt turn out the way she want too bad no need to be pissed off with Oprah deal with your family monique

  13. Ivonne says:

    I don’t think that Mo’Nique’s brother should have been on the show period, you knew he was going to lie! What type of SICK perverted person does that, then would go on Oprah to say yeah I did it….HELLO!!! I think Mo’Nique needs to cute him out of her life for good and forget about your relationship with your family, if they are not supporting you in this, then you DO NOT need them! Between this and going on TV with Barbara Walters and telling her that your husband can go out and sleep around on you as long as he s honest about it, is bringing you down! You make marriage look like a sham and I don’t respect you for that. I love your work, but the on screen Mo’nique and the behind closes door Mo’Nique need a bit of a reality check!

  14. ty says:

    I sympathize with Mo’nique because no one should have to go thru what she went thru, but my problem is , her mother said Mo’nique hasn’t been intouch with her or her father in 2-21/2 years.Dam you have elderly parents and you do not even care enough to drop a line or see how they are doing. Don’t get caught up in all that praise and worship you get from those fake people who only do that when you are up. SAD….

  15. Quettie says:

    This is just an opinion. I think talk shows can get at of hand sometime. Opray got the right to ask a question but it is totally up to that person to answer. Mo’s brother should have discussed this issue with her and only her but now days society like to see other people hurt and suffer.

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