Mo’Nique Wins Golden Globe Award For Best Performance In A Supporting Role


Let me say Congrats to Atlanta Own Mo’Nique! She won Best Performance by an Actress In A Supporting Role in a Motion Picture at tonight’s Golden Globes Awards. She gave an emotional acceptance speech, in her long gold strapless gown, and thanked her hubby, director Lee Daniels, Gabby Sidibe, and told everyone who has even been sexually abused that now is the time to speak up. Here is video that Necolebitchie posted of her winning the award…

If you win a Golden Globe, you are also known to win a Oscar.  So it seems like its looking good for her… I have only one thing to say Mo’Nique  you know we love you but please, cut that hair on yo legs or keep them covered … But we love you anyway hair and all … Congrats


LOL Shot out  to JustJared


  1. I am so happy for Monique she really did deserve to win, but I was shocked at how Gabrielle Sidibe was snubbed for Sandra Bullock. Gabby Sidibe deserved to win.

  2. Freddy,

    Congrats to Mo’nique!

    Freddy, you love her – “hair and all?” Bwayayayyayahahahahahah!!!! Freddy, you’re a funny dude!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!!

  3. that bitch is out her mind. why would she let her legs grow hair like that. people take being self confident too far. a pigs head and face, fat, and hairy, not to mention a irritating voice, and she not funny. she is funny to look at tho, sweating on stage and fat and loud. by the way she was perfect for that role and did an amazing job. she all extra big and stuff. and hairy. he cant possible be attracted to her but i understand why he is there. for the money i would do her too. but man i cant imagine i could get close enough to stick it in cause i would be soft in 2 seconds by the sight of those legs. and imagine that bush! my god my god. get it together big mama.

  4. I agree that “she’s taking being self confident too far” by not shaving AND showing it in a fancy dress, but I also think that saying “he can’t possibly be attracted to her and he’s only doing it for the money” takes things too far as well. I disagree with what you say, it looks to me like a lot of society conditioning coming out of your mouth.


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