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“Moesha” Child Star In Jail

marcusActor Marcus T. Paulk is a free man, but he has some serious explaining to do!

Many remember Marcus T Paulk as Brandy’s TV little brother on the hit show, “Moesha,” and from the looks of things, little Miles grew up to be quite the abusive adult.

Paulk turned himself in to authorities and was placed under arrest Thursday after an altercation with his girlfriend landed her in the hospital.

TMZ reports the ordeal began when Paulk and his girlfriend, a singer named Andi Roxx got into an argument at a Bevrely Hills nightclub, Confidential.

When the two got home, the arguing escualted to a phycical altercation, in which Roxx claims that Paulk punched her in the chin. She then swung back, busting up his lip, which lead to him punching her again in the stomach. Roxx claims that Polk then kicked her in the stomach and told her to get her stuff and get out.

Roxx says that she went to the hospital with internal injuries the next morning where police responded, and Roxx told them what happened.

Police then contacted Paulk, and his attorney arranged for his surrender. Watch what happened when he was released from jail below.

  Written by Danie Buchanan

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