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Monica and Kids Valentine’s Day Photo

My girl Monica makes motherhood look so good. She decided to give her boo Shannon Brown a surprise photo of their growing family for V-Day.

Check out the details below.

What a lovely looking family. Check out the boys looking so handsome and baby girl straight shining like her mama. Mo decided to take a private photo shoot to surprise Shannon for Valentine’s Day.

You know I have to clarify everything for my readers. The reason why Shannon is not in the picture is because the picture was taken for him. This is a surprise that he can carry with him while he’s away playing ball.

Everything is well for Monica, Shannon, and the kiddies. Shannon is excelling with his new team the San Antonio Spurrs. Mo is also doing her thing too. She will be in concert tomorrow night in Houston as she celebrates the iconic Patti La Belle. The lovely songbird will head to New Orleans after the concert to host an All-Star Party Sunday night.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Mo, the kiddies, and the big homie FreddyO!

What did you get your boo for V-Day?

Tell me in the comments below.


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