Monica Denies Pregnancy Rumors


Singer and my homie  Monica had a chat with ‘Global Grind’ about pregnancy rumors during the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul 3rd Annual Women Behind the Music series. The “Love All Over Me” singer has been under speculation that she was pregnant and after a recent performance hit the net, the speculation amplified. The singer says,

“Absolutely I’m young, he’s young and we want to have that between the two of us, but right now we are enjoying the three that we have blended together. We have little Shannon, we have Rodney and we have Romello. So we are enjoying the three of them right now.”

The singer also had this to say about being a “Basketball Wife”,

“I always say ‘I’m Shannon Brown’s wife’. I don’t look at the title of what he does, basketball, as the leading ideal of what I am as a wife. Because no matter what career path he chooses, I’m his wife, not a basketball wife.I just look at it like we have two different jobs that are some times complex, but wanting our marriage to work it’s easy for us to prioritize and do what we need to do.”


Monica is gearing up for the release of her upcoming album “New Life” which has been pushed back till February 21st.


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  1. Umph! They need some estrogen in the family. I pray God blesses them with a young queen wheneva she does conceive. Mr. and Mrs. Brown, y’all look cah-yoooooooot!

  2. Well I’m glad that she cleared up that rumor because I heard about that but after while it had died down but if was pregnant the baby undeniable cute look at them


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