Monica’s New Album In Stores Today Go Buy 3 Copies


The homie Monica took over 106 N Park  to co-host with Terrence J. She flew me out to NYC to get these pictures of her on the set . I got to tell ya’ll Monica has been working hard and been through alot these pass few weeks, but knows that God has a blessing for  her and her family. So please go out and buy 3 copies of her CD…I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.  The record label  is trying to  sell over 200,000 copies in first week sales, so she needs ALL of her fans and supporters (THAT INCLUDES YOU!) to purchase her CD and show her love in a MAJOR way.


Come and meet J- Records artist Monica TODAY at DTLR on Camp Creek Parkway from 5 p.m. until 7:45 p.m.

14 responses to “Monica’s New Album In Stores Today Go Buy 3 Copies”

  1. MiMi_Atear says:

    i will be buying it ….

  2. Dilla says:

    Definitelty! I’ve been waiting on this album to drop so that I could support her. Stop boot legging and buy these albums so that the real music can come back.

  3. CHARLES HATER says:

    FAG BLEWP this album is oging to FLOP SO BAD, 200,000 who does this bitch think she is BEYONCE? her time has cmae and gone shell be lucky to do 90K

  4. lost says:

    her cd most cost a $1.99 if you talking about buying 3 copies when i got mines for’s not even worth the buy just like everybody else cd is not worth the buy. I don’t wannabe down with her and that sorry cd

  5. ITS ME says:

    I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY NEGATIVE PEOPLE IN MY LIFE> yall are beyond haters you all are just pathethic. I will gladly buy the cd. Support your own. If we dont who in the hell will?

  6. A Real Lady says:

    What in the world is wrong with peole. I am with you on this “It’s Me” some people are so blatantly miserable and negative., that all they can do is get on the blogs and HATE! I thought that internet gangsters were a thing of the past yall really are Bold behind those computers. Charles “GET A LIFE” already and stop spreading that poisonous venum!! If you don’t like the album don’t buy it! but who are you to keep trying to down Monica! Whatever God has got for her is for her and there isn’t nothing you or The “LOST” can do about it!!! TEAM MONICA!!!!ALL DAY!!!!!!!! HATERS FALL BACK!!

  7. MiMi_Atear says:

    @ a real lady, and its me…

    i totally agree with you guys

  8. my first time in a long time says:

    I so love Monica. and I am going to support her….even though I have not BOUGHT a cd in years!!! Love u Mo!

  9. koffybrown says:

    I agree with some of you on this site,black love is the best love and I love Monica always have,so I downloaded her & Luda’s album via itunes.And I still listen too her classic songs as well so quit talking down about your on kind,when the white folks say something negative its a race thing,if you don’t like the woman cool but don’t down her.Gooo the album.

  10. koffybrown says:

    By the way listen to Still Standing ft.Ludacris its a nice joint that i jam a lot ,got your mind right haters because Monica is letting the haters know that she’s Still Standing”Period’ Dallas in the house!!!!!!!!!

  11. koffybrown says:


  12. constance says:

    I have really enjoyed her new hits! will buy c.c today. her songs have touched my heart and made me realize the good man I have in my life. He’s everything to me.p

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