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Monifah Reveals to Wendy Williams that Her Daughter Doesn’t Agree With Her Sexual Orientation!



As we all remember, Monifah’s daughter, Akemi, did not agree with her mother’s sexuality. The songtress had an opportunity to discuss how she has learned to deal with her daughter’s disapproval.

Check out the details below!

“R&B Diva” star, Monifah, recently sat down with Wendy Williams for a little girl talk. One of the biggest topics was her daughter’s views towards Monifah’s sexuality. We were first introduced to Terez, Monifah’s wife, on “R&B Divas.” It was obvious how happy the two were and we fell in love with them more when Terez proposed. Monifah had the support of everyone, but her daughter.

So, how has this diva handled it?

You know, my daughter is in her religion, into her Christianity and she is a 22-year-old who hasn’t experienced life yet fully,” she explained. “I had to just be a parent and be an example of the human being that I’d like her to be.

She also discusses how Akemi felt about her being open about her relationship to the world.

She’s fine, it’s personal stuff. We respect one another and we love each other through. My life is going to continue. I’m going to live it how I see fit. I respect her, but she’s not the ruler.

One thing I can appreciate about Monifah, besides her beautiful voice, is her positive outlook. It is good to see that she is comfortable with herself and would not change a thing. Hopefully, her and her daughter can work passed their different views.

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