Montana Fishburne Poses For The Cover Of As Is



Ms. Chippy D, aka Montana Fishburne, has posed for the cover of…As Is? With her ass out? I mean, I have seen several rotund beautiful derriere’s on magazines covers like King and Smooth, but all I am going to say is…photoshop is the shiznit. I know for a fact her booty cheeks are not that peechy nor shiny. Let me keep it real, this magazine was proactive and made it seem like Montana uses Proactiv on her ass. And she says, “Im not doing shit to him but f*cking and having a career”…WOW. Every fathers nightmare…


  1. Wooow..she is outta control! Then to blatantly disrespect her dad like that?? Come on..she can definitely TRY to have a successful career without tryna shame her dad!! My dad and my step-dad would off me, grown or not..smh

  2. I watched part of this after all of my coworkers were killing themselves laughin @ her connect the dots game she has on her ass. This pic is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY photoshopped. That hoe wished her ass looked that good.


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