Montana Police Puts a Warrant Out for Jeremih’s Arrest



It seems that R&B singer Jeremih is in hot water with the Billings police department! They are asking for an arrest warrant for the singer due to the Fuddrucker’s incident!

Check out the details below!

Things just got real for R&B singer Jeremih as a result of his Fuddrucker’s debacle! The Billings police department has gone to prosecutors to get an arrest warrant. The arrest stems from an incident at the restaurant in November, in which Jeremih and his crew threw beer bottles and caused a commotion after hitting on an employee and being asked to leave by management. In the days after the incident, Jeremih accused the restaurant manager of being racist.

Just when we thought Jeremih had escaped the law, it looks like he will be paying thousands out of his pocket for what happened that day. If it goes through, the charges will likely be criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. Jeremih says this all was just an “unfortunate situation” caused by “blatant racism” from the staff.



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