More LHHATL Drama: Has Erica Moved On ???!!!!???


So the word around town is that Erica Dixon, Lil Scrappys’ baby momma, is officially moving on with her life. We have all seen the drama unfolding every week surrounding their relationship.At first we thought everything was fine between the two but as things began to play out we started to see problems arise, followed by fights, then all of a sudden there is a new woman , Shay Johnson.

As things go on we see Shay and Scrappys’ relationship growing closer. Could Lil Scrappys’ recent actions have prompted Erica to find a new man. Erica took to twitter recently posting the following pic with this man with the caption “MY RIDE OR DIE” in response to this tweet from a follower telling her she will find better.


  1. Go Ahead Erica, you’re one of my Favs on the show.. and you have been taking the High Road.. Keep it up chicka’ ppl hate when they cant break ya’..

  2. this is flaw..the photo is of my bro he is a married man. Damn if one has to stunt to stay relevant shame shame shame

  3. According to media take oleboy is married Lol he claims he is a fan of the show she claims he is her bestfriend WTF lets just say the honeymoon is over LMAO

  4. Lol@ JT Well I hope for Erica’s sake she was not aware of the dude being married, and leaves him alone. She doesn’t strike me as the homewrecker type.

  5. mediatakeout has always posting some lame ass lie….just b/c u take a pic with a dude,,, does not mean that he’s ur boyfriend or dating,,,,,this could be a fan…n yes they had the pics shown dis dude was married…but if they r dating it will come out…but i dont see her as a homewrecker….or dating married men.. AND I REALLY DONT BELIEVE NOTHING MEDIA FUCK OUT REPORTS ABOUT..


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