More Pictures Revealed Showing Nicki Minaj’s Lesbian Ways!



The alleged rumors of Nicki Minaj being a lesbian before she had her major hit to fame, may have some truth to it. According to the homies over at MediaTakeout, new pictures have been released that confirm she was in a sexual relationship with rapper Remy Ma. The allegations are stating that Nicki Minaj was not only a lesbian but years ago she in fact was a “Butch,” a term used to describe the lesbians that dressed in mens apparel. Wow could you imagine the “Harajuku Barbie” looking like a dude?  Weird huh?

Of course Nicki is denying all accusations against her, she says she doesn’t know Remy Ma like that and never dressed “Butch”.
After looking at the pictures and comparing them to the video I must say if that ain’t Nicki Minaj then my name isn’t FreddyO. LOL

Check out the video clip of Nicki Minaj explaining her relationship with Remy Ma:




  1. Of course that’s her, this is most likely her personality Roman. The chick is bipolar, with a mix of schizo, so I don’t know why this is so unbelievable to folks.

  2. yall are just plain BLIND, DEAF & DUMB – of course it is that girl…c’mon son! C’MON! I ain’t mad, just own what u do and who u are.

  3. You’re kinda gullible based on this, the pics from MTO aren’t butch just a style that young girls were wearing its no more butch than what TLC dressed like when they came out. I dont know or care if shes a lesbian but this proves nothing. The girl in the video does favor her but the noses in both pics side by side are different

  4. When Nicki first came out rapping she said she was gay, so is it a shock to people that she used to be gay and probably still is. Who cares if thats her, and yes I agree that, that is her talking about Remy, what are yall blind, you can clearly tell, but whats the big deal if it is her so what. Will that make her loose her fans, NO. if u was not a fan before then you still wont be, if u are a fan, then you still will be. and the only reason why Nicki not coming out saying it was her is because she was talking about Remy MA, if it was about anyone else thats not famous then she probably would have admitted that it was her. but it is what it is, who cares that was her past everyone has a past, some have good some have bad, some may regret there past. but you can cleary hear and see that was her.

  5. Thats str8 Cash Money cosmetics, like ple girl said. She couldnt come out looking like another rapper, she wouldntve made it. There is only one Jermaine Dupree, and only one, Da Brat. Thats the only female butch rapper, the world would accept. There will never be another so, thats why Nickis swag went fem. Period

  6. i believe thats her..jus on the BET awards for 2011,when she received her award remember she said lil wayne was there when she use to rap on the staircase in New York..come on put two and two together..she told on herself when she said that..

  7. I don’t know what to think…I mean this butch looks like her in certain angles…I just don’t want to see Nicki Minaj that way,ugh!

  8. i dont think that nicki marnaj is bi put sometimes i just think she is and if ur freacking reading thizz sheet nicki marnaj you should of never shanched how u look fuck u thtz y no one likes u because ur such a fucking wannabe and let me tell u something nicki if u would’t of done all tht sheet to your face you would’t be called a fucking sllut or a barbie so fuck you and if i wazz u i will atleast try not to show my boobs to guys that much or maybe girls b-cuzz that is how you get to go out with pepl because you shou ur big fat surgery boobs and they might think tht they are gonna hav a good sex so i only hav 2 word 4 u nicki……………………FUCK YOU.

  9. Nicki is a lesbian d way she dresses shows it all do u guyz knw dat she has naked pics there on google.she is truly a lesbian.nd dat was realy her wit ma avin sex . Freddie u re right

  10. Nicki is a lesbian nd a bisexual why cos d way she dresses nd d way she acts in her music shows she use to av sex wit men nd dat pic wit her nd ma has clearly prove she is also a lesbian.

  11. Nicki u beta repent nd turn 4rm ur evil ways cos Jesus is comin soon.i knw u re readin dis u re truly a lesbian but God can stil 4give u is nt too late.i suggest u leave music nd fynd a husband luk 4 smtin nice nd do God can stil 4give u.

  12. If nicki is a lesbian or a bi who cares, her fans aint complainin bout it, haters keep hatin. Am her biggest fan n a rapper 2, i’d kiss u nicki if i had a chance of doin tht.

  13. I’ts def Nicki in those pics! Thanks to make up & cosmetic surgery there’s a new Nicki! Of course I personally dont care if she straight or bi. & i’m no fan by all means but hey people will do the most to get that paper. So if she’s fullfilled at the end of the day with her decisions then go for it.

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