Mountain Dew Pulls “Tyler The Creator”, Most Racist Commercial in History


Tyler.the_.CreatorMountain Dew is pulling an ad featuring Odd Future leader “Tyler, The Creator” over criticism of the ad’s portrayal of African-Americans. The ad is the most recent chapter in a series of commercials featuring Tyler’s voice as the character “Felicia the Goat.”

Tyler-the-Creator-racist-Mountain-Dew-ad-still-line-up-goat-May-2013The character is on the run from police for causing destruction while hyped up on Mountain Dew. In the most recent installation, “Felicia the Goat” appears in a police lineup consisting entirely of African-American men. Acclaimed author Dr. Boyce Watkins denounced the ad in a recent article posted on, calling it “arguably the most racist commercial in history.” Dr. Watkins says the commercial stereotypes African-American men as “frightening and violent,” while the “good guys” in the story — police officers and the victim viewing the lineup — are nearly all Caucasian. Dr. Watkins goes on to say that Mountain Dew has plunged to a “new low for corporate racism.”

To funny… People really need to chill.. Check out the other videos below…


I love the video!!!! What you think?


  1. Don’t like odd future. They’re better at shocking people than they r at creating gud music.


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