Mya Lied About Being Married to Get Press for New Music Video


Singer Mya said she had to LIE about being married to get some PRESS for NEW MUSIC VIDEO… LOL .. Do anything for fame …
She shared that she was debuting the wedding video in her Instagram bio. When you see the video, we watch as Mya prepares for her wedding day…while singing her song, “The Truth.”

Eventually, we see the hem of the black gown. Afterward, Mya comes out in the full gown we see on her Instagram page and marries herself.

Later, TMZ, the outlet that first broke the news of Mya’s wedding, reported that she married herself.

She is both brides in “The Truth” music video.

I was duped. But honestly, I can’t even be mad. This was the perfect rollout. It got me to listen to the song, which is pretty good. And I’m always here for a message about self love on Valentine’s Day.

Kudos to Mya and her team on this execution. And I’m wishing the singer a lifetime of happiness with herself.

Check out the music video that caused all of this conversation below.


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