Mz Shyneka Birthday Bash Hosted By Gangsta Boo and Pastor Troy & Many More



Atlanta radio personality Mz Shyneka held her 21 st birthday (ha!) with the love of her life by her side Montana Da Mac at Club Echelon (August 5). It truly went down. But I got to tell yall…Gangsta Boo, the FIRST female chic in Three 6 Mafia,  has to be the realest chic I know. She straight stole the show as she walked by a fan and her dress flew up….some straight Black Marilyn Monroe shiznit. Pastor Troy, Mr. D.S.G.B. himself, was also in the building Baby D, Gorilla Zoe and many more came to show love. His new album King of All Kings dropped August 3, 2010. And OH YEAH…Shout out to the chics showing they ass trying to get on lol Check out all the pix below!!!


  1. OMG…this is some of the most gh-etto shit I’ve seen in my life…
    She’s the realest and stole the show cuz her dress flew up?? WTF…

  2. @Kennedi, I come here everyday like you…but you are one of the most HATING broads on the INTERNET!! LMAO Enjoy the pictures and KEEP IT MOVING…LOL

  3. OMG what happened to my homegurl Gangsta Boo? She used to rep Memphis very well now she looks to say the least very troubleing!!!

  4. I am not sure if people are aware of this but just wanted to gently point out that Brooke Shields unlike most actresses in Hollywood actually went to an Ivy league college (Princeton Univ.) and graduated. We have to give her some credit for this especially nowadays where most young actors are busy getting wasted every u ever heard about “` s ug ar“dad dy“hu nt***{cOOoOOm}?the best place to get a sugarbaby or sugardaddy.i strong advise u singles go to have a look.

  5. mz shyneka invited pastor troy after he showed her on taped getting banged out on a pool table? pastor troy is a walking std, cmon shyneka!!


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