Nancy’s Pizza Buckhead Karaoke Re-Cap


Boy, Nancy’s Pizza Buckhead Karaoke was the place to be to get good food and catch some great tunes.  We want to thank them for having us experience the heart, soul and love of music through their karaoke contest.  Just to re-cap the experience, there were 6 contestants still battling for the title and a $600 cash prize.  All of the performances had their own hype that kept the crowd going whether it was because of the song choice or the vocal range of the singer.  However, at the end of the night, the decisions were solely from the judges’ thoughts and critiques.


The judges, Dondria, R.L. and Chase,  looked stunning and well pleased from the overall collaboration of performances.


The performance that really “Got us Speechless” was given by Ms. Tisha Reed, who not only had the vocals, but also gave us a show that was completely unforgettable. She performed an oldie titled “You’v Got me Speechless” by Beyonce Knowles. Tisha definitely gave Beyonce a run for her money by her theatrical performance, but there is no doubt that she won the “People’s Choice Award” if they had one.


  1. Congratulations to you Tcheris!!! Nice things were said about you inthis article. Look forward to seeing you continue to do great and big things..

  2. TCHERIS hands down WON that contest..!!! She gave the audience ALL 4 of the categories the judges were SUPPOSE to be judging on… I am still scratching my head as to how she was chosen AFTER a chick that FORGOT the words to her song! But hey this is ATL and its all about who you know and not what you know…. But hey I guess when you have a one hit wonder and an late 90’s sensation judging things like this happen…

  3. First of all, spell check – The name is TCHERIS – LOL
    And hands down she gave us what we were looking for! Voice (check), Crowd Participation (check), All Over Performance (triple check). Our girl came prepared and came to win! She cames with props and gave us the performance of a lifetime and left it all on the floor (literally). If you missed her performance, please check
    Again, good job last night mama! (*screaming* Take it off Tchee!!!) LOL


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