Naomi Campbell Wants Yall To Know She’s Not Broke Just Low On Cash


Eurweb is reporting that Naomi Campbell is trying to squash rumors that she is on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. To be real I really dont care if she’s broke she is human we all make mistakes and we all are broke at some point in our lives.

The runway diva, currently in talks to host her own fashion-orientated reality TV show, was suspected of having financial problems after she dropped a lawsuit against a former personal assistant, reportedly citing “litigation exhaustion.” Click Here To See All The Pic’s…

The rep, however, tells fashion blog the reports are “completely untrue.”

Global fashion newsletter JC Report had first Tweeted the Chapter 11 buzz, with fashion bloggers like Bryan Boy and Catwalk Queen soon picking up the story. But according to her rep, Naomi’s bank account is doing just fine.

7 responses to “Naomi Campbell Wants Yall To Know She’s Not Broke Just Low On Cash”

  1. Maria F says:

    she could always turn to her billionaire bf …

  2. X,Y,"and Z" says:

    Freddy, to-hell with her!! She didn’t want a black man, why is she getting YOUR sympathies, ‘eh?
    …….I swear; do YOU have an “endless-reservoir” of ’empathy-for-the-world’ – a world that has NONE for you? …… Need proof? …. What ’bout what SR did to you?

    …….And what about – what that “said-world” did to Chris Brown? Wasn’t it Rhianna’s pals, over at TMZ, that ‘outed-her’ as the “Aggressor and Instigator” on Feb 8th in THAT car? Sure they did, and YES, she was!
    But THAT world, which YOU seem so-quick to forgive, figuratively HUNG young 19-y/o Chris Brown, and guess what Freddy? ….Put to “public-perspective”, that-same-world, for the same reason they went after Chris Brown, will also, side with SR – and NOT you! ….You TOO will be hung out to twist-in-the-wind!

    …..Freddy, long and short, “we” as men-of-color, MUST be careful as to who WE give our sympathies and support – Naomi Campbell IS NOT ONE WHO IS SO DESERVED – Let her join Tiger Woods in “YT’s” Circle Of Shame!!!

    Side Note: Freddy, who won that “picture-fiasco?”….I didn’t vote, how could I? ….There were just too many “worthy-candidates”…..I defer to you and your “endless-wisdom and boundless-energies,” FreddyO….

    X,Y, “and Z” — OUT!

  3. heather says:

    my husband is white so i dont agree w/ u x,y, and z so u need 2 fall back on that……like freddu o i feel for her b/c she ddnt manage her $$$ where as me i dont make anything but i am able to save b/c i am not tryna live like the joneses…..

  4. X,Y,"and Z" says:


    I make it a point NOT to support those who don’t support me – IN ALL WAYS! After all, it’s MY hard earned dollars, no? That said, why would I support Halie Berry, Paula Patton, Teana Taylor, Claudia Jordan, Sania Lathan (sp) and the likes…….???

    You see Freddy, we BLACK MEN SHOULD-BE like white men – we should support what shows OUR representation! We are the only men, to go to a movie/show, that has NO representation of OUR likeness! Why do WE do that? Why are WE so SELF-HATING?

    Freddy, you’re “on-the-front-lines” to see ‘the-truth-of-the-matter’, so tell me, am I lying? Do ‘WE’ NOT pray to a Jesus/God, that’s NOT in OUR image? ….No “skin of unburned-bronze or Wooly-textured hair!”
    Why don’t we black men seek ‘OUR-OWN’? Black women have Oprah and have “swirled-their-way” into “Americana,” no? But why do we continue to refer to black women to form OUR identity?

    Freddy, THIS is the second- time, I’ve been totally disgusted, in ever coming to YOUR site; the first time was to see/read what Sandra Rose did to you!
    If I were in Atl, you can be sure, I’d have ALREADY, paid HER a visit!!! I’ll NOT even mention that photographer, who works with her – the one who “tried-you!”

    Freddy, can you please remove that image of her? She wanted NOTHING to do with black men, why give HER ANY shine? Why uplift her? Let ‘YT’ lift HER up, F-U-C-K HER!
    K, so let me ask you this, or make this point: She has a billionaire Russian boyfriend, no? HOW is SHE, NOW broke, and is NOW supposedly preparing to launch her TV show? I think THIS is some “sympathy-ploy,” PR-stunt! But she’ll get NO sympathy, NOR MY audience!

    TO ANY AND ALL BLACK MEN WHO READ THIS – .. please…… feel sorrow; empathize, then -consider-to-support, someone who represents YOUR IMAGE – an image OF A BLACK MAN!
    “Self-recognition” is the first step towards Liberation – true and REAL liberation!! When YOU are truly liberated, physical chains, racist-police, NOT EVEN poverty can hold you back !

    BUT THAT ONE STEP – that first step – can ONLY be realized by SELF RECOGNITION!


    Now, I have no-doubt, black women who are swirling will, no-doubt, make comment and will find no “kind words” for me, nor my comments. But Black men, to you – I say, to hell with them!! The fact that they ARE commenting just proves ME right!!

    Black men, you are unique; you ARE the moral-compass and SOUL of this country! You’ve given this country it’s ONLY art form and YET you are STILL disenfranchised – no more so, than in representations, of YOUR IMAGE!

    X,Y, “and Z” — OUT!!

  5. Dave says:

    Why write about such outlandish findings. That woman has a multi million dollar perfume company, still beating down the runway after 25 years in the fashion industry and obviously happy with her Russian billion dollar man……come on people! She auctioned off a croc Hermes bag(retails 14,000) for charity….. don’t spread unnecessary rumors people…..

  6. X,Y,"and Z" says:

    @Dave —

    Ahhh….so my suspicions WERE correct, “this-all” IS a sympathy ploy/PR stunt, if as what ‘DAVE’ said, is correct!! That’s even MORE of a reason to distrust and NOT support her!!!

    Black Men, you WANT someone to support, why NOT ‘Monica?’ Why NOT Brandy? At EVERY chance, Monica puts her VERY HAPPY BLACK FAMILY UP FOR ALL TO SEE!!! Does NOT Monica uplift, deservedly or not, the father of HER children – A BLACK MAN? YES, SHE most-certainly does!

    Side note/bar – Freddy, why haven’t you done anything on Charlie Sheen? Why does HE get a pass? Oh, and by the way, HIS TV show’s ratings went UP!! ….And Freddy, what ’bout Mary J. Blige? I mean, she DID punch Kendu in the face – AT HER ALBUM RELEASE PARTY!! Where is the moral-outrage? Where is the boycotting of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING SHE is associated with?

    As a matter of a fact, her CD did OVER 300K in it’s first week! If Mary can “carry-on” as documented in THAT film, what, are we to imagine, ARE HER “bedside-manner(s)?”

    Aren’t you ALL just tired of the BS? Does NOT the double-standard and hypocrisy just grind-on-your-senses? We’ve crucified a 19 y/o – who has NEVER done ANYTHING wrong – but given passes to those who have “real-issues”: drugs, violence and alcohol – Mary J. Blige and Charlie Sheen!

    Back to topic – Don’t support Naomi Campbell, Black men! “She is NOT-of-by-or-with-you” – in ANY shape, manner or form; let HER twist-in-the-wind as Tiger Woods NOW does! Let ‘YT’ pick at the rotting-carcass! …..And in the end, righteous prevails and God has HIS revenge….

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!!

  7. bluepeas says:

    I don’t think she could ever hit rock bottom…IF she changes her attitude & get meds for her bi polar issues. There’s so many philthy rich men out there who have no one to their spend money on and would love to take care of a has been super model pretty like Naomi. She prolly already has 4,5 suga daddies under her belt already, Maomi aint no fool. Get it girl, u know how it’s done 😉

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