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Nas Owe’s $3 Million Tax Debt


Nas continues to watch his debt to the U.S. government grow.  Now owing more than three-million-365-thousand-dollars in back taxes. Back in October, the IRS filed a tax lien on Nas for more than two-million-584-thousand-dollars. Nas’ financial troubles only got worse last week when a judge ordered the rapper to pay his ex-wife, Kelis, 200-thousand-dollars in back child and spousal support.. TMZ is citing sources who claim that Nas doesn’t understand that he could face jail time if he neglects to pay his child support.

Nas recently made 50-thousand-dollars during a performance at the Sundance Film Festival. Insiders allege, however, that he blew through the money before he left town. TMZ is also reporting that Nas has been sending e-mails to Kelis telling her that he wants her back, and letting her know where to fly if she wants to meet up.

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