Nas Says DUI Arrest The Result Of Racial Profiling



New York emcee Nas has an explanation for his September arrest on driving under the influence charges. recently caught up with the rap star, who says his arrest was the result of racial profiling.  Nas proclaims, quote, “You know what it is…profiling man,” adding, quote, “they can’t stop a good man from shining man.”  Last week it was reported that Nas was arrested back in September on DUI charges in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  The police report stated that the emcee had a “green tongue with raised taste buds” and a pulse that reached 116 beats per minute.  The officer on the scene also reported that Nas’ vehicle smelled of “raw marijuana” and that he had, quote, “eyelid tremors in both eyes and body tremors.”

Nas admitted to smoking marijuana at his friend’s house earlier in the evening, and proceeded to fail a field sobriety test.  The charges were eventually dropped when Nas’ drug test came back negative.


  1. I agree they probably noticed a black man in a nice car they wish they could afford thought he was a drug dealer or something. The goverment allows police to get away with to much it’s like they what they say goes, when there human beings and were not always the police. Meaning they are capable of lying, cheating, larceny etc. The police are so dirty especially her in P.G. Md. I just left court for the same thing and they over exaggerated a lot it was crazy luckily the charges were dropped thanks to my great lawyer

  2. ON THE COUNT OF 3: 1……..2…….3 LAWSUIT!!

    Didn’t he win a lawsuit in Fla for false arrest ,not too long ago? I’m not sure, but I THINK, it was Fla, in/at South Beach? I’m not sure he if got money out of it, but he DID file a lawsuit, and win….right?!?!

    Wait a minute, was that….’incident’ in the Atl? Are the cops ‘carrying-on’ like that in Atl? Never-the-less, just ANOTHER reason to get involved in/with politics! Vote, not only for Mayors, Senators and Congressmen, but ALSO vote for Judges/Sheriffs and DA’s, those who have to run for office, that is!

    If we don’t stand for anything, and put our, ‘collective feet-down’, we’ll always get treated like this: second-class citizens WITH a Black President in the White House!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

    Just got Graffiti, yet again, from itunes…..’Graffiti’ moving up the charts, Tiger Woods going down in flames; whoever said there is NO god?


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