Naughty By Nature’s Treach Opens Up About Rift With Vin Rock


naughtyNaughty By Nature‘s 24-year run may soon be coming to an end. One day after declaring that Vin Rock had been fired from the trio, rapper Treach [[ tretch ]] tells that when the group fulfills their current concert contracts, “it’s gonna be a wrap” for Naughty By Nature as fans know it. He adds that the group will have “a whole new set up.” Treach also says Vinnie is easily replaceable because he doesn’t contribute to producing or writing. Apparently, Treach and Vinnie haven’t spoken in a few years, despite performing on stage together. The rift stems from side-projects that Vin Rock has supposedly been involved in behind the group’s back. While Treach doesn’t give specifics, he does say “things are being set that the group doesn’t know about.”

This week Treach also released a diss track about Vin Rock called “Tall Midget.” On the track, Treach compares Vinnie to Barney the dinosaur, Winnie the Pooh and a leech. He also calls him a “backstabber” and “greedy.”



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