Ne-Yo Being Sued Over Concert No-Show + New Video



Ne-Yo was scheduled to deliver a performance last New Years Eve at a concert in Bellevue, Washington, and backed out at the last minute without giving reason. So, the Maryland based company, Wet Entertainment, is suing Ne-Yo and his booking agent, Michael Esterman, for a whopping $500,000 dividends. We really haven’t seen Ne-Yo in the public spot light since…since…umm…the Bet Awards honoring Michael Jackson? Right. Maybe he’s doing somethings behind the scenes. Ne Yo’s new album Libra Scale will be dropping September 21st. Check out the rest of the scoop on his legal issues and his new video “Champagne Life”.

Well over a thousand tickets were purchased for the concert, and Wet Entertainment is looking to not only recoup his expenses but also compensation for “reputations in the music industry and entertainment company  have been damaged” as a result of the incident. Michael Esterman feels this charges are “frivolous”, and feels as though the company is looking at Ne-Yo like a lottery ticket. They trying to live the Champagne life also.

–Xavier B.


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