Ne-Yo Claims He Discovered Justin Bieber Before Usher



Ne-yo has recently revealed that it was he who discovered teen singing sensation Justin Bieber and not Usher Raymond. is reporting that Ne-yo claims he passed up the chance to sign Bieber years ago because he was too young at the time.

“Justin did a cover of one of my songs on YouTube which created a buzz. He came to a show and performed and was incredible then. But I didn’t do anything because he was 11.”

Four years later Justin auditioned for Usher and was signed up by Island Def Jam chairman Antonia “L.A.” Reid.

Ne-Yo adds that he’s ok with his decision but despite Bieber’s huge success under Usher’s wing, Ne-Yo still felt the need to throw some shade. He states that Justin’s hits aren’t memorable and he still has some work to do.

“I have no regrets. Things happen for a reason. He wasn’t supposed to be signed to me. Usher has done good. Where he is now is where he’s meant to be.”

“I still feel like he’s figuring out things. Once he gets some tangible records he’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Ten years from now no one will be singing Baby.

It’s good but not very memorable.

Justin is great on the drums and the guitar. He has talent and potential to land up there with Justin Timberlake and co… Talent will take you further than looks, than how flat your stomach is.”



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