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Ne-yo drops “3 Simple Rules” for Valentine’s Day

NE-YO-3 Simple-Rules-Valentines-freddyo

Are you still playing Neo Souls Greatest Hits? Well you don’t have to anymore because the big homie Ne-Yo ┬áhas just dropped 3 new hot tracks just for the ladies on this lovely Valentine’s Day. “3 Simple Rules” is perfect for tonight.

Check out the details below.

Ne-Yo has just released three new sexy tracks as a gift for the ladies on this lovely Valentine’s Day.

As you may sit back & relax while sipping on some wine, Ne-Yo gives you,” 3 Simple Rules.” The playlist includes “New Love,” “Bigger Than This,” and “Gotchu Right, there is an outro featured as well. Neyo is creating music to make everybody feel the love this Valentine’s Day.

So if you are at home and you’re feeling lonely or are with your boo and need something to jam to, go check out and listen to your Valentine’s gift from my homie Ne-Yo,”Ne-Yo: 3 Simple Rules.”

FreddyO Disclaimer: If you are booed up don’t get in trouble. Neyo is known for creating that baby making music that will lead to…well a baby! Now if you in the market for a new baby this Valentine’s Day; GO FOR IT ! If not proceed with caution.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the big homie FreddyO!

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