Ne-Yo’s Fiance Monyetta Is Expecting Their 2nd Child!


A new celeb couple are expecting a baby. This time around it’s singer/producer Ne-Yo and his lovely fiance Monyetta Shaw who are expecting their second child. This comes as surprising news being that she just birthed his first child, a baby girl, this past November.

FreddyO was able to get this exclusive during a Sister 2 Sister event where we saw the glowing mother. Seems like Ne-Yo has a lot on his plate with a mixtape underway, a newborn, and now a fiance who is pregnant again. Nonetheless, this comes as good news being that Ne-Yo is at his prime and this is the time to expand your family if you ask me. Check out some of the pictures from the awesome event. Also, if you haven’t already been to their new store make sure you get out and support them. Congratulations Ne-Yo and Monyetta on the new addition to your family!


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