Nelly’s Tells All His Twitter Followers To Stop Watching CHANNEL 2 News In STL



A relative of rap star Nelly has been killed. St. Louis’ KPLR is reporting that Michael Johnson was shot several times while either entering or exiting a home last Wednesday. St. Louis police reportedly don’t have any leads in the case. It has been reported that Johnson, 36, was a bodyguard for the rapper, but Nelly describes him as a “cousin and friend.” Nelly is upset with St. Louis’ KTVI’s coverage of the story writing on his Twitter account, quote,

“Channel 2 stl don’t Ever have 2worry about another interview from me or a stlunatic ever again!! There not invited 2any of my functions!! Why would you channel 2 mix me giving away scholarships 2students with the murder of my cuzzen after I told u I didn’t want 2talk about it.”

He adds, quote,

“I’m NEVER WATCHING CHANNEL 2 news in stl ever again!!! STLOUIS SPREAD THE WORD!!!”


Here is the video.. But I have to give it to him he stayed cool the whole time they tried to interview him…

Nelly is reportedly working on a yet-untitled sixth studio album that will arrive later this year. His last release was 2008’s “Brass Knuckles.”


  1. very unfair to Nelly to mix the two stories. they both deserve attention–but not in the same vein.


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