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Nene Leakes Attends Chuck Smith Birthday / Christmas Party

DSC_2600Chuck Smith celebrated his 44th Birthday and Christmas by throwing a party at his fabulous mansion in an upscale neighborhood in GA.  couple Nene Leakes and Greg Leakes were in the house as well with BFF Diana in tow. Check out the photos

DSC_2410Greg Leakes, Nene Leakes, Chuck Smith, Mynique Smith

DSC_2768Happy Birthday Chuck!!!!

DSC_2715Happy 44th Birthday Chuck Smith

DSC_2731Now I wonder what Chuck’s wish was?

DSC_2736Yep! I guess his wish came true!

DSC_2437Life Coach Day and Mynique Smith

DSC_2400Mynique Smith and Jamal Anderson

DSC_2390Friends, family and Birthday and Holiday Celebrations #Priceless

DSC_2370Dwight Phillips, Publicist Jonell PR and Chuck Smith

DSC_2366Chuck Smith and friends


Nene Leakes, Mynique SmithGuyest, Mynique Smith, Nene Leakes, guest

DSC_2342You know Chuck Smith and Nene Leakes go all the way back from Athens as friends in grade/high school.

Dianan and Nene LeakesNice outfits. Now Look Back at it.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 2.46.47 PM

DSC_2786Mynique Smith, Nene Leakes and Friends

DSC_2300Let me see you grooving on the dance floor

DSC_2226Rob Porche (fornerl NFL) and former teammate of Chuck Smith

DSC_2221Richard Seymore and Rob Porche (Former NFL) Teammates to Chuck Smith and Bob Whitfield

DSC_2150Bob Whitfield and guest

DSC_2266Richard Seymour and wife and Chuck Smith and wife

DSC_2505Nene Leakes, Jamal Anderson, Life Coach Day, Bob Whitfield, Guests and Greg Leakes

DSC_2535Greg Leakes, Jonell PR, Bob Whitfield

DSC_2532More Guests and Mynique Smith

DSC_2585CHuck Smith and Guests

BobWhitfield-ChuckBdayPartyReggie and Kathy Taylor and Bob Whitfield

BobWhitfield-ChuckSmith-WMDianaDid Nene Leakes hook this up? Looks like a New Boo Alert to me.

DSC_2566Diana and Bob Whitfield. Yep Definitely looks like a New Boo Alert! No Charles Grant lesson learned? SMH Diana

DSC_2751The family that wears red bottoms together

DSC_2746Oh yall fancy huh?

DSC_2700Chuck Smith and Dirty Bird Jamal Anderson

DSC_2664Mynique and her Bestie

DSC_2641More Besties!

DSC_2540Jamal Anderson, Chuck Smith , Bob Whitfield and guest

Jamal Anderson, Bob Whitfield , Chuck SmithJamal Anderson,Bob Whitfield , CHuck Smith, Greg Leakes, and guest

DSC_2580 Chuck Smith and more friends

DSC_2771Nene Leakes and Chuck Smith’s daughter

DSC_2630Nene’s son and Chuck Smith’s daughter singing Happy Birthday to Chuck Smith

DSC_2457Uh Ooh,

DSC_2464Chuck Smith and his daughter

DSC_2482Chuck Smith and the homies

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