NeNe Leaks Buys New Georgia Mansion


The Atlanta House wife just dropped 2.1 Million on a new home. Reality money is paying good. Click MORE for the details.

NeNe House
So TMZ has reported that Leaks just threw 2.1 Million at a 9,511 sq. ft., 6 bed, 7 bath crib in the Sugarloaf Country Club. She is in talks to be the name that takes over the spot left by the late Joan Rivers on the Fashion Police. Seems like a good fit. That check may have already come in.

In all honesty NeNe has been doing really well. It is not at all far fetched that she would have this kind of money to toss at a new home. If any of the housewives could it would be her.


  1. For some reason people forget KANDI has the most money, if any one of them could do it, it would be Kandi.

  2. Why does she always have to “Brag” about how much $$$ she has? You never hear Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Oprah, Michael Jordan and others talk about their $$$. Why not buy some “Class and Humility” with your $$$. Also give back to society…. Duh…

  3. GO NENE! I think people need to stop trying to count other people pockets and just be happy for them……

  4. I think we all know kandi has plenty of coinz, but this is not about Kandi..Nene has been on her grind for years now her coins are stacked….. Nene is doing her thing and she is being smart about it….Fabulous house, can’t wait to see it finished and furnished.


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