New Movie: “Winnie” Starring Jennifer Hudson & Terrance Howard



Jennifer Hudson stars in “Winnie”, a biopic of Winnie Mandela, wife of former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela. The film also stars Terrance Howard (as Mr Mandela) and documents her struggles and achievements during the years he was imprisoned. Here’s the video..tell me if yall are feeling it.

Mrs Mandela was not happy about the making of this film, I think she’s going to be continually pissed when she sees the f*ckery that is Jennifer Hudson’s face prosthetics. What is that? They couldn’t have just used make up to show her aging? She looks like the granny from the Nutty Professor. Badmind, but true.

Not entirely convinced of this film just yet. My first moment of doubt was hearing that Terrance Howard was playing Nelson Mandela. Truestories.

The film is released in 2011.

Spotted @ pinboardblog/Thatgrapejucie


  1. OMG, this looks tragic. They should have used some local actors right there in South Africa. The accents were horrible, and that prosthetic face that Jennifer had on is laughable, she looks like one of the dancers in Michael Jacksons Thriller video.


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